Board of Directors

SPA FIRST currently has five board of directors including the chairman, the vice-chairman, an executive director and two non-executive directors.

Prof. Dr. P. S. N. Rao

Chairman, SPA FIRST

Director, SPA New Delhi

Prof. Dr. Sanjukkta Bhaduri

Vice-Chairman, SPA FIRST

HOD, Urban Planning & Regional Planning, SPA New Delhi

Prof Dr. Rabidyuti Biswas

Director (Executive), SPA FIRST

Controller of Examination, Head (CASS)
Professor of Physical Planning, SPA New Delhi

Prof Manoj Mathur

Director (Non-Executive), SPA FIRST

Professor of Architecture, SPA New Delhi

Parag Anand Meshram

Director (Non-Executive), SPA FIRST

HOD & Associate Professor of Industrial Design, SPA New Delhi